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Baton Rouge Drug-Related DWI Attorney

The most common type of DWI charge relates to alcohol. This is not the only kind of DWI charge, however. In Louisiana, driving under the influence of drugs can also lead to DWI charges. Drug-related DWI is charged under the same statute as alcohol-related DWI and involves the same penalties. These charges, like any other serious criminal offense, demand serious legal representation. Based in Baton Rouge, drug-related DWI attorney John P. Calmes, Jr., has represented more than 3,000 people against DWI charges since he began practicing law in 1975.

Lafayette Driving While Intoxicated Lawyer Defending DWI Drugs Charges Throughout Louisiana

Drug-related DWI charges can involve illegal drugs, such as marijuana, cocaine or prescription medication. You can also be charged with DWI while driving under the influence of alcohol and other drugs.

As with any DWI case, John will look at whether the police had probable cause to stop your vehicle. He will look at the outcome of any field sobriety tests, or the admissibility of any blood tests. In short, he will examine all of the evidence from every perspective.

John will look at whether any other defenses apply. For instance, if you ingested medication that did not contain a warning about mixing the drug with alcohol, it can be an affirmative defense to the charge. If the evidence shows that you unknowingly consumed more of a drug than recommended by your physician or the drug manufacturer, that can also be an affirmative defense.

Offering Trial-Ready Representation

In any DWI charge, including DWI drug charges, it is absolutely critical that your attorney will be prepared to present a compelling defense to a judge and jury if necessary. John has tried many cases over his career. He prepares each case with the understanding that trial may be required. As a result of this preparation, he often finds issues that lead to favorable outcomes.

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