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Baton Rouge Criminal Defense Lawyer

Providing Effective, Trial-Tested Representation for People Across Louisiana

A criminal charge can be a defining moment in any person's life. Whether this is your first brush with the law or you have been arrested or convicted previously, it is crucial to understand exactly what is at stake in your case. The lawyer you choose to defend you against your charges will make a great deal of difference in the overall outcome of your case.

For decades, people across Louisiana have placed their trust in attorney John P. Calmes, Jr. John maintains a statewide practice in state and federal courts across Louisiana. He takes on all types of allegations, including drunk driving, drug charges and violent crimes. John has practiced criminal defense almost exclusively since 1975, when he began practicing law. He has the experience and skill you need to make a powerful defense against any criminal charge.

Taking Decisive Action in the Defense of Your Criminal Charges

In order to obtain a conviction, the government has to prove every element of its case beyond a reasonable doubt. When an experienced, tenacious defense lawyer is on your side, the prosecution's burden of proof can become much heavier. When you hire Baton Rouge criminal defense attorney John Calmes, you can take comfort knowing his only goal in your case is to place you in a better position at the end than you were in the beginning. His work starts in the earliest stages of your case, fully investigating the allegations in order to develop the best possible defense.

His thorough approach often leads to favorable outcomes without the need for trial. If trial is necessary to vindicate your rights, you are in good hands. John has tried cases throughout Louisiana and understands how to make a strong presentation to a judge and jury.

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